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Right-Sizing HTM Partnerships to Maximize Value

Download this white paper to learn tips for how supply chain directors can validate their inventory and ROI.

Download your copy now!

Are you getting the value you were promised from your Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) program?

With less money coming in, fewer resources and continued pressure to hit margins, it's no wonder that bootstrapped hospital departments need their technology to work harder and smarter to pull expenses and costs out of the system.

Now is the best time to evaluate your HTM partnership so that you can do more with less.

Download Right-Sizing HTM Partnerships to Maximize Value in the Face of Competition to:

  • Learn how to validate your inventory and ROI
  • Understand your organization's unique needs before issuing an RFP for HTM services
  • Identify your priorities to intentionally select the best-suited partner for your health system
HTM RFP Playbook